Technical services
The Technical Services team develops and provides technically advanced services to owners and operators of electrical distribution networks regionally.

Cable Consultancy
Provides comprehensive technical support and consultancy on underground cable networks operating across the voltage ranges.

Provide accurate assessment provide accurate assessment of switchgear condition using expert knowledge.

Provide accurate assessment on transformer’s condition using expert knowledge such as:

  1. Condition assessment of transformers.
  2. Condition monitoring of transformers.
  3. Thermal assessment of transformers.

Lightning Audits
Valuable process time could be lost by damage to electrical plant; a lightning audit of an installation will determine whether the most appropriate protection is currently installed.

  1. Earthing Audits
  2. Analytical Services
  3. Equipment and materials testing
  4. Technical Documentation
  5. Conditions based risk

Field Engineering Services
True to the corporate philosophy of COSE Electrical Services, comprehensive maintenance services for traffic signal installations are offered. The scope of maintenance services includes:

  1. Surveillance
  2. Consumables top up/ replacements
  3. Periodic cleaning
  4. Preventive maintenance
  5. Mass outlived components/subsystems
  6. Extend break-down service
  7. Updating of operational parameters

Traffic Engineering Services
COSE Traffic Systems offers services, right from identification of projects to implementation of traffic control systems including feasibility studies, development of traffic circulation plans, junction geometric design, manufacturing and installation of traffic signals, development of optimum signal timings and their implementation. COSE is the only organization of its kind that has a full-fledged traffic-engineering group.
Product Line
  1. Intelligent Transport System
  2. Controllers
  3. Signal heads
  4. LED Lights
  5. Pedestrian Beeper system
  6. Count down time
  7. Vehicle actuated System

Traffic Signal Products

  1. Area Traffic control System
  2. Bus Priority system: COSE Bus priority system is a subsystem of COSE Area Traffic Control system.
  3. Closed circuit television
  4. Red light enforcement
  5. Parking management systems
  6. Emergency telephone systems
  7. Video incident detection systems
  8. Network management systems:
    • Electronic toll Management systems
    • TCC and Weigh in motions